Mulla Re Mulla - A Play By Salim Arif

Re-live the laughter sprinkled, thought provoking company of Mulla Nasruddin - the philosopher and wise man who is remembered for his funny yet eye-opening stories and anecdotes. Why did Mulla Nasruddin mourn the death of his donkey more than he mourned the death of his first wife? Why did Mulla ask for 200 lashes as a reward from the king? Why is 'fate' nothing but 'thought'? Watch Mulla Nasruddin answer these and many more fundamental questions (for a bag of silver coins) leaving us with no choice but to laugh and acknowledge his unique wisdom.
Writer - Javed Siddiqi
Director - Salim Arif
Cast - Javed Khan, Neetu Pandey, Arshad, Pransh, Yaasir, Sumit and Neeraj Kushwaha

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